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Marine Electronics

Sales & Installation Service


At New England Marine Center our dedicated marine electronics team, Blue Frontier allows us to offer a comprehensive sales and installation service including, system design, integration and installation, surveys, on and off-site servicing, diagnostics, and repairs to existing equipment.
As main dealers for all the major brands, we are perfectly placed to offer specialist, independent advice and the competitive supply and installation of a wide range of marine electronics. We are proud to be approved dealers for leading manufacturers such as Ray Marine, Furuno, Garmin, Simrad, Standard Horizon, Icom, Nobeltec, C-map , Navionics, B&G, Nexus, Lowrance, Rose Point Navigation Systems and others.

Electronics Services at New England Marine Center


With a dedicated team of qualified, approved, and experienced marine electricians behind us, we offer a comprehensive range of electronics services.
We have in-depth expertise in key specialist areas such as computer systems, communications systems, navigation systems, and power management, allowing us to provide sales for all leading brands, system design, correct interfacing and installation, surveys, services and repairs. We also offer new build installations and commissioning. Our in-house team, Blue Frontier offers repair and diagnostic work on and off-site.

Chart Plotters

Navigate Safely & Confidently

A chart plotter is an invaluable tool that will help you to plan and navigate your vessel safely, whether you’re exploring coastal rivers and estuaries or crossing oceans. Chart plotters give you all the information you need to navigate confidently anywhere in the world with a clear understanding of local hazards, tides and pilotage information.
The NEMC Electronics team, Blue Frontier is perfectly placed to offer advice on buying a new chart plotter from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and will be happy to highlight and explain their safe and proper use, detailing any limitations as well as provide installation and/or service and repair of your existing chart plotter both on and off site.

Electronic Instruments


Although when you’re sailing a small day boat or a dinghy, you might well be used to assessing the wind speed and direction, boat speed and even depth of water without the need for any electronic instruments, when it comes to competitive sailing and on any larger vessel, electronic instruments offer an essential aid to your senses.
From simple, stand-alone depth information to complete packages that supply combined wind, speed and depth information, interfaced to GPS and other navigational equipment, accurate electronic instruments will help with safe and efficient navigation and significantly enhance your whole boating experience. We can recommend, source, supply, fit, and service high performance instrument displays from all the leading manufacturers, to meet any boating requirement.

Marine Radar


For both recreational and commercial sailors, marine radars offer another layer of information, particularly when combined with other data, providing a complete overview and assisting with both collision avoidance and navigation in all weathers. Although radar units were once only found on larger vessels, today they are compact, energy efficient, and designed to fit on the smallest power boats and sailing yachts.
At NEMC Electronics, we can supply, install, diagnose, and repair radar systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers. For optimum performance, your radar system should be combined with an AIS and a chart plotter. Our dedicated Marine Electronics team can also advise on this equipment and any other electronic interfacing issues.

Automated Identification Systems


Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are automatic tracking systems that are now used on all shipping and by Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) to identify and locate vessels. These devices work by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships and AIS base stations. When combined with satellite and radar information they provide significant assistance with collision avoidance.
Allowing you to see the location, track, current course and speed of other AIS users, and providing your information to them, in real time, the AIS is widely believed to be the most significant development in navigation safety since the introduction of the radar.
At NEMC Electronics, we can help you to identify and install the best AIS system for your needs and budget and offer interfacing, survey, diagnostic, and repair services for AIS systems from many leading manufacturers.

Marine Communications


Bringing together radio, telephone and satellite infrastructure, Maritime Communications now enable quick, safety-critical and general communication for all.
From waterproof, handheld VHF radios, to go anywhere satellite telephone systems, the New England Marine Center Marine Electronics team, Blue Frontier has a great deal of experience when it comes to marine communications systems, allowing us to accurately and effectively advise you on the best systems to meet your needs.
We offer state-of-the-art communication systems for yachting, commercial vessels, and more. With our capabilities, technical expertise and partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we can provide unique combinations of communication solutions that will match your requirements. Our in-house team can also install, service and repair your Marine Communications system to ensure it is always performing to the optimum level.

Marine Entertainment Systems


Stepping aboard your boat doesn’t mean that you must leave your home comforts behind. With increasingly state-of-the-art Marine Entertainment systems available, it is now possible to kit your vessel out with the latest technology.
We supply, maintain and repair a wide range of Marine Entertainment systems, ranging from simple waterproof audio control heads and speakers, to elaborate installations using an assortment of amplifiers, subwoofers, and other accessories.
These packages can also include satellite TV systems, drop down TV screens, media/DVD players, multiple device docking, and more depending on the type of vessel, individual customer requirements and entertainment needs.


Add some flash to the dockside or attract the big fish offshore. Underwater lights are no longer just for the big mega yachts. LED technology means less power draw and much smaller holes. Dimmable and strobing lights available in multiple colors. Add some color above the waterline, too, with LEDs in the cockpit. Several colors available.


Make sure you are reeling in the big ones with the best technology. CHIRP, SideVu, Down Vision, Structure Scan; the options are numerous and confusing. Let Blue Frontier help you pick the right display, module and transducer for your fishing needs.


Arrive at your destination more efficiently and with less fatigue by using an autopilot. New features allow you to steer the boat in user programmable patterns like zig-zags and spirals, great for fisherman or S&R. Interface with a GPS to steer directly to your next waypoint. An invaluable tool for long days on the water or long trips.


A great addition to any electronics suite. This is an invaluable tool for offshore fishing trips or long distance sails. Most multi-function displays now have this capability.


Whether Night Vision, monitoring the engine space, watching the transom deck, Docking aid, or for security. We can install and integrate the right camera system into your MFD or entertainment system.




Diane Harris

I’ve been boating for 45 years and have finally found a repair shop that actually cares. I had a gel coat problem and was at my wits end. Adam came highly recommended. He did a magnificent job!! This will be my new go to place for fiberglass work, mechanics, and upholstery! This facility was clean and employees were friendly.

Light Breeze Cruisin’

Amazing facility and very professional staff. Extremely pleased that I have the opportunity to store my boat there for the winter. Owner Adam is a great guy who is running a class-A operation.


I’ve been boating for 45 years and have finally found a repair shop that actually cares. I had a gel coat problem and was at my wits end. Adam came highly recommended.


I’ve been boating for 45 years and have finally found a repair shop that actually cares. I had a gel coat problem and was at my wits end. Adam came highly recommended. He did a magnificent job!! This will be my new go to place for fiberglass work, mechanics, and upholstery! This facility was clean and employees were friendly.